There are multiple anti aging benefits options for facials regarding which combination of Skin Medica products we use, one of the top names in skin care products as it is Internationally renowned as one of the top Medical Grade Skin Care Lines. SkinMedica skincare essentials are designed to improve your skin from the inside out, give you a better overall appearance, and provide you with different anti-aging benefits. SkinMedica Facials include a 30-minute express facial to a one-hour treatment or a facial with a dermaplane treatment. All facials are based on the science of your skin’s healing abilities to regenerate your skin’s health.

The Skin Medica Express Facial is a 30-minute facial customized to your skin needs using SkinMedica products. The facial helps with anti-aging, improves firmness, and brightens the overall appearance of your skin.

The SkinMedica Facial is a classic therapeutic spa facial designed to treat your skin concerns using high-quality and effective SkinMedica formulations. The facial will deep cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, and regenerate your skin. The facial takes about 60 minutes.

SkinMedica Facial with Dermaplane starts with a dermaplaning treatment which is an exfoliating procedure using a medical-grade scalpel to remove dead skin cells and vellus hair. After the dermaplaning you are ready for a Skin Medica Facial tailored to your needs using SkinMedica’s products. The total treatment takes up to 60 minutes, and will leave your with smooth and rejuvenated skin.

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Skin Medica was founded to be a product for skin rejuvenation. It was founded by a dermatologist who had a system to slow the aging process and unlock the potential of the skin to health from within.


A facial is a fantastic way to detoxify your skin, hydrate the surface, and clean out your pores.


Your skin may be a bit red and swollen from the scraping, you may also feel a tingling or burning sensation after the procedure. It doesn’t hurt, however.

According to skin professionals, make time for a facial every four week to keep your skin in shape.