LED Skin Rejuvenation Suite  Lone Tree, CO
Ideal for anyone who wants to reduce fine lines and wrinkles or if you want to clear up acne and blemishes. Do you have or are you starting to see fine lines around your eyes, forehead and mouth? Are your fine lines becoming a bit too prominent? Erase these wrinkles and lines with our LED skin rejuvenation! It works!

LED skin rejuvenation: It’s like a plant light for growing collagen. This proven technology was developed by NASA, is FDA approved and backed by over 100 clinical studies!

It is completely painless, cool to the skin, non-invasive and is quite relaxing. A session only takes 20 minutes. No down-time! 1 or 2 treatments will really help your skin, visible results may be seen in 4-6 sessions. A true skin care break-thru! Add an HA Peptide Mask for even better results!

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