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10 Common Myths About BOTOX

10 Common Myths About Botox | Skin Deep Facial Aesthetics

As a natural and purified protein, Botox has been given a lot in low doses, reducing the contractions that muscles make, resulting in wrinkles. As we get older, such muscles tend to stay contracted, eventually causing us to come across as always either frowning, angered, anxious, or exhausted.

With many who this cosmetic angel has already touched, speculations of how it works or even basic information about it get passed by word of mouth and, most often than not, gets twisted and misconstrued. Today, we’ll address these so-called “myths” and, once and for all, try to agree if they’re true, or debunk them moving forward. Let’s go.

Common BOTOX Myths

Botox is among some of the most well-known cosmetic treatments worldwide and is performed for its excellent results. However, this household name in cosmetic treatments has now been clouded with many misconceptions. To provide people with that desirable youthful and more rejuvenated appearance, Botox is administered by a qualified professional using the proper injection techniques. Here are ten (10) of the most common Botox misconceptions.

1. Botox Has Immediate Effects

Although quite effective on many levels, Botox does not provide those immediate desirable results. These effects are usually gradual and subtle, taking much-needed time before noticeable results within the first 3-5 days. Its full-blown effects typically become visible after a week to ten (10) days. The effects are slow but steady since Botox works by helping muscle movements be more relaxed and inhibited, reducing the unwanted appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. In some instances, results may take one (1) or two (2) injections before seeing the total change and experiencing complete relaxation.

2. Botox Has Permanent Results

Botox is not permanent in solving the desired reduction of fine line and wrinkle appearance. This cosmetic treatment only provides effective yet temporary results, usually spanning three (3) to six (6) months at a time. The length of how long it will last depend significantly on the patient and the frequency of having received Botox. After this given effectivity time, muscle movement will start to return; hence, fine lines and wrinkles will also begin to reappear slowly.

3. Botox is a Procedure for Women Only

Probably the most common misconceptions about almost all cosmetic treatments, not only for Botox, and entirely untrue nowadays. Both men and women age, wishing to get back to their younger appearance. Thankfully, more men are now opening up to cosmetic enhancements such as Botox, also undergoing the newest treatments every year as any woman would do. Both sexes benefit from the fantastic results Botox has to offer. Men seeking Botox treatments want to soften their wrinkles so that they can appear more approachable. This incident is because some people believe that having wrinkles makes them look much older and angrier at times. Because having stronger facial muscles than women, men have higher dosages of Botox, usually required for the desired results they want to achieve.

4. Botox Makes You Look Frozen

Another primary misconception pop culture has imposed the running gag that Botox can make you look like a mannequin, frozen or emotionless. This instance will only be valid when handled and injected by an individual using improper Botox techniques. Injected Botox will look more natural and give a much more youthful and rejuvenated appearance when handled correctly. The goal of Botox is never to make you look bloated or frozen but instead rejuvenated and young-looking.

5. Botox is Unsafe

For over two (2) decades, Botox has been used for cosmetic purposes and is a treatment proven entirely safe. The misconception behind this Botox myth being unsafe may have come from the fact that Botox is thought to be some derivative from the ingredient, botulinum toxin. Botulinum toxin, which is typically connected to food poisoning, comes off rather negatively, hence the birth of this particular misconception. Although derived from a protein found in botulinum toxin, Botox uses levels injected into the body, which is not that high enough even to be considered toxic.

6. Botox is Appropriate Only When Lines Start to Manifest

Quite the contrary, it can be more beneficial to start Botox injections as something of a preventive method, instead of patiently waiting for wrinkles and fine lines to appear before even doing something about it. Botox is slowly becoming a more common preventative treatment for patients who want to go the prevention route. Waiting until the unwanted signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, start appearing may become more challenging to correct and smoothen out later. Since the skin needs to be stretched out again, preventative use of Botox can also benefit in training muscles not to create particular expressions. This incident, in turn, lessens enormous amounts of fine lines and wrinkles that can reappear due to repetitive movements.

7. Botox Only Works for Wrinkles

Botox has now become much more than used for wrinkles alone. More than a wrinkle corrector, Botox also has other cosmetic uses, including eyebrow lifting, dimpling chin treating, jawline softening, and corners raising for mouths that have started to droop. Additionally, Botox has also been used for treating migraines since it can reduce muscle tension and decrease the strain put on the nervous system. It can also be for excessive sweating treatment, that is, through injections done in the armpits and forehead. There are a lot more other therapeutic uses for Botox. Consult your doctor or healthcare provider today to learn more about these other uses.

8. Botox is No Longer Needed After Having Surgery

After cosmetic procedures, muscles responsible for fine lines and wrinkles that have stemmed from repetitive movement can continue to benefit from Botox injections. Even though facial plastic surgery does indeed help give a more youthful appearance, Botox does not stop the natural aging process. Such treatments like Botox follow such surgeries since they are excellent preventative or maintenance procedures, especially in keeping the refreshed and more youthful results you’ve already achieved.

9. Wrinkles Will Start to Appear Worse After Botox

After Botox leaves your system, wrinkles and fine lines will return to how they appeared before. This reality is possible since Botox solutions do not provide permanent results. Consequently, your muscles start regaining back their normal movement when you decide to stop your Botox treatments. Note that full results following Botox treatments usually last for about 3-6 months. After this time frame, your old appearance will gradually start to return to how your appearance was before having your Botox treatments.

10. Anyone Can Be Injected with Botox

Cosmetic procedures after surgery can make the muscles continually reduce fine lines and wrinkles from the repetitive movement since they can still benefit from Botox injections. While facial plastic surgery helps give you a more youthful appearance, it does not stop aging. This truth is why treatments such as Botox following such surgeries effectively prevent or maintain what you want to keep from your refreshed and more youthful results.

Conclusion About BOTOX

Some of these myths and misconceptions about Botox are either proven true or debunked with further proof and concrete evidence. Nevertheless, always make sure you are well informed of what procedure you’ll be getting, not only for Botox. Allow yourself to have that refreshing and younger-looking appearance and have the best time of your life.

Are you interested in how Botox will work for you? We got you covered. Our awesome friends at Skin Deep Facial Aesthetics are experts in this field and will work hand-in-hand with you. Visit them today!

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